Contact and Contribution

Through the forum

Please use the dic­tio­nary fo­rum to ask for trans­la­tions, dis­cuss isiZulu re­lated top­ics or con­trib­ute words to the dic­tio­nary. Be­fore post­ing, please make sure to

  1. check if your ques­tion has al­ready been an­swered,
  2. de­cide which fo­rum sec­tion suits your re­quest best:

By e-mail

  1. No mails from GMail.
  2. Only issues not covered by the forum.
  3. No inquiries about trans­la­tions (use the forum) or order pro­cess­ing (turn to TshwaneDJe).
  4. Follow common courtesy and double check your orthography.

If your e-mail meets all requirements you can contact me using my PGP key (fingerprint: CF66 29BC 9010 6437 6056 ACBB 5A2C 5B6E F152 9997). I do not reply to plaintext messages.