Privacy Policy

Website operators are required by law to take the protection of personal data very seriously. You need to know when and what data is stored and how it is used. This makes the Web one of the most secure places you can imagine.

Personal data

Personal data is information that can be used to discover your identity. This includes data such as your real name, address, or phone number. Information that is not directly related to your real identity (such as favorite websites or number of users of a site) is not considered personal.

You can use this website without revealing your identity.

Storage of server logs and IP addresses

This website stores your IP address and some other information (like date, time, pages visited, browser type) in server logfiles as a security measure to ensure stable server operations and for accumulated, anonymized access statistics. These server logfiles are stored for up to 7 days. IP addresses are anonymized after 1 day. All information is stored on a specially secured server in a security-first, high-performance data center in Germany and can only be accessed by the website operator.


This website sets a cookie when you check the "hide phonetic spelling" check box. This cookie cannot be used to track you or to reveal your identity.


The forum is hosted and operated externally by Tapatalk and is subject to their privacy policy. No data is exchanged between this website and the forum.

Proudly refusing to leak any user data to Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other data sucka.